May 27, 2024

As Sidrah or as-Sidra, located in the Gulf of Sidrah (the Sirte Gulf), is an offshore oil terminal, frequesnted by about 200 vessels a year. Vessels with telex facilities on board should telex directly to al-Waha Oil Company on 20158 or 20758. Customs and Immigration requirements should be obtained from the vessel’s agent. Tankers with inoperative or partially inoperative propulsion units will be rejected. There are no garbage disposal facilities, and severe penalties may be imposed for pollution and waste discharged into the sea. The approach to the harbor is best made parallel to the coast until the oil tanks are detected on radar. The most prominent landmark is a water tower in the terminal area (white colour), located at 30°38’N 018°21’E (FR). Tanker specifications: tankers should have 2 bower anchors and ground tackle; at least one winch capable of heaving on two ropes simultaneously; suitable stoppers for all lines and stoppers for wire ropes; at least nine good synthetic fiber lines of not less than 9in circumference; be equipped with block, tackle, booms, runners, sundry equipment, wrenches, gaskets, nuts, bolts, strops, drip tray and sawdust, drift pins and taglines. No repairs should be made while the tanker is in or near a berth.

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